Schneider Thermal overload relay
Schneider Thermal overload relay

    Manual and automatic reset
    Sealable flap
    Prewiring kit
    Terminal block for separate mounting
    Remote electrical reset
    Can be combined with TeSys model d contactors in a 45 mm wide space up to 18.5 kW, 55 mm from 15 to 30 kW
    Connectors: spring terminal, screw clamp, terminal block EverLink (LRD3)
    Class 10 A & class 20.
    Safe and effective protection
    With its integrated manual-automatic reset and simple installation in screw clamp terminals, by spring terminal, by ring terminals and by EverLink terminals version, model LRD thermal overload relays are very reliable and cover the whole range of motor ratings up to 150 A. They can be combined with TeSys d contactors to form an extremely  compact starter.
    Industry, infrastructure, building, etc.:
    Standard motor protection
    Line protection
    Protection: motor overload, stalling, loss of phase