Autonics Sensor Controller
Autonics Sensor Controller
  • Number:PA10,PA-12 Series

PA10 Series
Multifunctional sensor controller
Multifunctional sensor controllers PA10 Series feature 13 different operation modes selectable using DIP switches. The sensor controllers also feature high speed input respnse, flip-flop mode for convenient level control, timer mode, and support a wide range of power supplies (100-200VAC 50/60Hz) for wider user flexibility.
Main features
13 kinds of various operation modes selected by DIP switches
High speed input response
Flip-flop mode for level control
Multifunctional unit with timer mode
DIN rail, Mounting to panel
Wide range of power supply(100-240VAC 50/60Hz)
PA-12 Series
The Autonics PA-12 is a control unit that is suitable for digital sensors. This device can drive loads up to 3 A, 250V AC with proximity sensor or photo sensor input. It has selectable use of 110/220VAC as well as use of NPN, PNP input. In addition, this unit can be mounted on socket through plug-in type.
Main features
Selectable use of 110/220VAC
Selectable use of NPN, PNP input
Able to drive loads up to 3A, 250VAC with proximity sensor or photo sensor input
Convenient to mount on socket by plug in type
Output relay with both N.O. and N.C. contacts